To the parents of little boys…


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Do you remember when you brought your new baby boy home from the hospital? How you checked on him every hour, just to make sure that he was breathing. He was so small, fragile and precious and all you ever wanted was to protect him from anything and everything that could possibly hurt him.
Do you remember when you taught him to ride his bike? He would fall down and get discouraged but you would brush away the tears, kiss the boo-boos and be his biggest cheerleader. It all paid off when he was smiling and taking off down the block, gaining his own independence. A part of you smiled, but a part of you was sad as you knew, more and more, he would need you less and less.
Kindergarten came, and how excited he was with his new backpack and pencils. He stood on the steps of the bus and turned around flashing that contagious smile, waving good bye with delight, and you waved back, knowing that he was starting a new journey in his life.
Elementary school seemed fun, he didn’t quite understand why some kids had to be so mean. You told him that it was an example for him to avoid, that he needed to follow his heart and always be kind. Middle school lead to sleep overs, football games and best friends followed by High School where each year he waited for his friends in lower grades to come, followed by high fives and being asked to be their tour guide…he didn’t mind, for him anything to help. Later high school years followed with the first heartbreak and you learned that you could no longer kiss all his tears away. You could only voice your support and be there if he needed.
Senior year came, he turned 18. You were so proud of his goals and all the hard work that he had done, he really was going to make something of himself, but wait…did you ever stop to tell him that now he had to look at all his peers, all his friends from the very beginning of school in a different way now. Did you stop to tell him that because he turned the magic number of 18, he had to start looking at these kids as children…did you tell him that he has to be careful around anybody, especially girls that are under the age of 18…even though many of these he had seen since before middle school. Did you stop to tell him that he had to change EVERYTHING NOW THAT HE WAS THAT MAGIC AGE OF 18?
18-year-olds cannot legally buy alcohol
Legislation is trying to get it so that 18-year-olds cannot buy cigarettes
The mental brain of an 18-year-old is the same as a 17-year-old. The male brain does not reach maturity until the age of 24-25
Your son, your baby boy can now be charged with sexual assault of a minor for having any type of penetration, finger or penis, and for even kissing in less than appropriate places, EVEN if there was no penetration with his tongue….we are talking about HEAVY KISSING.
My son, Logan Delisle was convicted on September 3rd 2017 of unforceble sexual assault (because saliva was found somewhere between her waist and thigh) on a 15-year-old girl who originally said it was with force until video tapes from local businesses proved otherwise. She has a history of having relations with other 18-year-olds and to her peers was seem as someone who is promiscuous. Oh, and wait, she told him that she was 17, she told the world via social network that she was 17 but regardless if this had happened nine months earlier, it would not have been a crime.
My son wanted to be a police officer, he wanted to help rape victims. He was a volunteer fireman, he did ride-alongs with the sheriff and local police department. He did not deserve this and NEITHER DOES YOUR SON! This happened to my son, but its happened to many, many other sons and it could happen to your son.
Help stand together so that we might change the law. Vermont has adapted a Romeo and Juliet law that addresses high school kids who go to school together.
I do need to note, that it is important to protect Rape Victims but “regret is not rape” the need for attention is not rape, the excuse to get out of trouble because you are late to school and missed your math test is not a reason for rape.
As it stands right now, we have more than one victim in this case. Please share this so that other parents of boys can avoid this and please help me to make this right, to make it fair and #StandByLoganDelisle


Rainy Days and Mondays

Remember the song by the Carpenters that goes, “Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down…?” A Billboard Hot 100 Hit in 1971, circling back around and hitting the UK Singles chart in 1993 (1). Even in 2015, you can walk into a department store playing background music and tune into the soft vocals or see a quote with a visual appealing graphic posted on facebook. The reason being that the lyrics identify the way we are viewing the bustle of rushing back to work the Monday after enjoying a delicious and entertaining weekend, children push their faces to glass window panes, as raindrops cry on the other side, preventing them from enjoying the outside pleasures of games and fun. We can identify with the lyrics and that keeps it popular and recognizable.

taort of the day 5 11

Maybe we are conditioned to see life this way, looking for obstacles to create sadness, pain and regret. Looking for true happiness seems like a far fetched dream and if we are lucky enough to catch a glimpse, it never lasts for very long so whats the point anyway? Yes, I too have felt this way more often then not but it is time to change the way that we think, the way that we are conditioned to believe and view life. The cards that I pulled today are “the Hermit” from “The Beautiful Creature Tarot” by J.R. Rivera and artwork by Jasmine Becket-Griffith, available from Schiffer publishers and from the “Magical Times” Empowerment Cards by Jody Bergsma and available at, the “Union” card.

First let’s look at the Hermit.

The Hermit says that you have been a part of or witnessed chaos. Selfish people, a society that takes and abused our environment. You have experienced hatred, sadness, even a broken heart and so upon not being able to take it in any longer, you withdraw, you put walls up to protect yourself from life hurts, and retreat to find your meaning in this cruel world as you have some to know it.

The Hermit is about self reflection. Where do you fit into the chaos that has been going on. You feel like it is too big for you to change any of it, how would you start even if you could.

The Hermit is not about giving up though, it is about taking a deeper look. It is about getting to know your true self and living from that point out. It is about being in the moment, and not worrying about what wasn’t or what will be, it is simply accepting what is, right now, right here. It is about looking at a world so large and so full, and realizing that you can only control your actions, your thoughts, your self. If you do that, and are true about it, you will be like a raindrop hitting a puddle and rippling out to the rest of the world. Be the inspiration of love, show it and others will follow, that is how we can make the world better.

The Union card takes the self reflection piece further and asks us to draw upon our strengths. It may be Monday and raining but hey, we have had nine days of sun and our crops are thirsty. It is the way that you look at a rainy monday. Have you never danced in the rain? Cold, wet and invigorating…stop I can read your mind…how can anyone enjoy that, you say? A cold wet raindrop sends a sensation to your body, reminding you that you are alive. Water, rain, relates to emotions. Take a breath of air after a rain storm has passed and you can smell the cleansing. Dancing in the rain is similar in that it washes away impurities of  everyday life. Do you feel better after a shower? exactly the same reasoning, especially after a hard day of work.

Union tells us that we are not alone, that we need to tap into our spirits and listen to the ones that build us up and make us happy. People that we encounter in everyday life are like this too, if someone is causing you grief all the time, you should think about what the agreement of having them in your life is serving you. Are there people who bring you joy? perhaps you should hang out with them more, ask them their secret, what do they do that you do not? what do they do that you should?

Overall, take time to get to know you, your passions, your loves. Remember as Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote “it is better to have loved and lost, than have never loved at all.” Treasure the moments that you have that make you happy and hold on to them as long as you can.

~Alura Rose is a Priestess with The Temple of Witchcraft and a Professional Tarot Reader at Zuzu’s Healing Center in Melrose, MA and Enchanted in Salem, MA. She also provides tarot readings via telephone and internet and is an online business owner of Broomstick Magick. Email her at or visit or

Happy Beltane!

Happy Beltane (a.k.a. May Day). I can remember years ago, I used to live down a small, dead-end street. What lovely neighbors we had there and I always wanted to go trudging through the early hours of the morning of Beltane, and leave the paper baskets hung from the doorknob filled with daisies and other wonderful delights for the unexpecting, sleep-slumbery person who ran out to get the newspaper in the morning.
Today, I remind myself that places and faces have changed but it is never too late to do an act of kindness for someone. Remember that as you go through today….and don’t forget to dance around the May Pole.

bm beltane

Beltane is a celebration of fertility. The fields are waking up and there are signs of life in greenery and blossoms. It is the time when the god and goddess reunite, a time for celebrating life and its wonderful pleasures. With all the excitement buzzing, stop and smell the flowers. Remember to be good to yourself, today and every day.

~Alura Rose is a practicing witch and Priestess with The Temple of Witchcraft in Salem, NH  She is a professional transformational tarot reader and owner of a delightful witchery shoppe where you can find many handcrafted treasures along with common magickal supplies. 

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Divination for Spring

With Mother Nature laying her deep, thick blanket of snow upon our fields, houses, sidewalks and driveways, the anticipated spring months seemed to take forever. Brown tinged earth, awakens by peeking green buds and delicate, fragrant blossoms. At this time, it is good to reflect upon the past months of sleep and darkness and to figure out what we have lost, what does not serve us any longer and what we have simply out grown. It is also a time to awaken our dreams and inspirations. A time to color the upcoming newness with a vibrant palette. When I pulled cards for this blog, the ones that I pulled not only reflected these statements but also my own life and thoughts at the moment.

cards of the day 4.30

From the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, I pulled the eight of cups. In one sense this card reminds me of a traveling gypsy. Once things get to be too much or they start to feel to many emotions, they run, on to the next adventure. The other way of looking at this card though, and coincides well with this time of year, is that we get stagnant. In other words, things are going along very well, we take that in as excitement and adventure grow but at some point things start to slow down. It is almost like getting bored, or antsy. You feel like you have outgrown the situation and need to move on but use caution my friend, because you see those cups that are stacked right behind you? It may seem like all your cups are stacked neatly in a row and you have done all you can do here and need to move on but did you not notice that there is one cup that appears to be missing if you are looking for a neat little line up? I suggest you take another look around and see if there is something else that needs to be worked on, that uncomfortable inner piece of staying still a moment longer to make sure you have all the facts, all the growth that you really do need before moving on to a deeper adventure.

The second card comes from a beautiful little deck called “Magical Times”. A deck used to offer empowerment, the card that was pulled worked well with the eight of cups. “Flexibility” tells us that when the storms of life come, to bend with them inside of breaking or simply running. It also warns us to not get caught up with the things that you cannot change but to focus on what you can do and flowing with the energy. Do not be afraid because the winds of positive change are on your side. So stay a bit longer and see what comes as something is surely around the corner that will help you to find that deeper meaning for your greatness, trust and go with it.

Remember that spring is a time for fun, a time to play. Be flexible and give yourself permission just to enjoy the moment and not worry about what you cannot control. 

~Alura Rose is a Professional Transformational Tarot Reader who empowers her clients to embrace all of life’s struggles and joys. She is a Priestess with The Temple of Witchcraft and owns her own business, selling goddess inspired crafts, spells and tools. You may also purchase either of the decks used in this reading by emailing her at

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Do you see me?

Do you see me?

Do you see me…
As the woman I am?
Standing before you
With my heart in my hand,
Holding it out to you,
This beautiful glow,
Showing you a vulnerability
That even I didn’t know.

Do you run?
Do you hide?
Do you get scared
And make me want to cry?
Oh, please don’t feel so bad,
For it was completely my choice.
A song to sing
Is so much better
Than having no voice

The Dragon

The Dragon

Once upon a time, there was a sleeping dragon,
left to wither without any inspiration or passion.
The sleeping dragon didn’t know she was indeed a dragon.
She didn’t even realize that she was asleep,
so still she laid there, lifeless and numb.
One fine day, a magickal boy found her, lying almost breathless.
He immediately realized what a beautiful dragon she really was.
He nurtured her, cared for her and gave her dreams to believe in,
but sadly only for a very, very short while.
For he knew to exist and thrive, dragons needed to soar.
Atlas, the time quickly came when the beautiful dragon awoke.
She knew exactly what she had to do.
She had to create, she had to fly, she had to sing,
but most importantly she needed to wake other dragons.
Without as much as a goodbye, she rose, spread her wings and flew away,
off, off into the night sky.
If you look at any given sunset, surely you will see her pass by.

~Written by Lisa Curley

Copyright owned by Broomstick Magick

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Pools of the Heart

In the heat of the night
when the world is fast asleep
I hold onto my pillow tight
and tears of sorrow I weep.

Pain in my heart beyond compare
opening the flood gates to emotions
swimming the waters as I dare

The sun begins to light
as I begin to flight.

Left for another night to embrace.
Tears form the heart
are never easy to escape.

~Lisa Curley, Artist, Witch, Tarot Reader

Could it really be?

Could it really be
that you were meant for me,
and all this pain exists
to appreciate the passion I miss?
Could it really be
that you miss me the same
but instead of embracing what could’ve been
you play it off like a game?
Could it really be
that everything’s going to be okay?
For touching a heart with such magic
makes it grow for another day.

~Lisa Curley, Artist, Witch, Tarot Reader

Poetry and Artwork owned and copyrighted by Broomstick Magick

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The flame that flickers in my heart burns slightly dimmer
as tears of sadness fall from my swollen eyes
like an endless waterfall slithering down
to encompass my body, my spirit and soul.

Wrapped tightly in fear, pain and utter confusion,
I have never felt so close to my inner thoughts.
So much passion, so much love,
so much magick waiting to be reborn.
Slowly, I start to break away from the cocoon
that tightly embodies me.
I can feel the warmth of enlightenment on my naked, exposed skin.
Waking slowly, slowly waking,
from this deep sleep they call life…

Refreshed and ready, reborned.

~written by Lisa Curley

copyrights owned by Broomstick Magick


Relations of the Magickal Sorts…


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Yesterday, I walked around town and visited a few major shopping areas where I live. As I wandered around, I would glance at strangers, hoping for a familiar face. My heart started to gasp in sadness as I wondered as to where my friends had all gone. Earlier this week, I had returned from Templefest 2014. A festival filled with laughter, tears, magickal and fun times. When I walked around there, I recognized so many people, and the strangers were friends almost instantly. I suddenly sensed the difference between the magickal path that I walk and the middle world that I came back to.

sun 001

How can I bring this magickal world more into my life here where I live? I have given this some thought. First I think that it important to create magickal space. We can do this by respecting ourselves, our bodies more and Mother Earth. I vow to look for foods that will nourish my spirit, making healthy choices and cutting out sugars, caffeine and fatty foods. I believe that honoring the food we eat is as important, thanking it for its sacrifice in order to promote our life and blessing it before we eat. As we take in this wonderful food, it is also important to remember that Mother Earth is providing such gifts and we need to be good and respectful to her as well. Pick up litter as we walk around town, recycle and acknowledge trees, flowers and animals that cross our path. They all have a meaning for us and create a magickal world wherever we may be.

The Sun represents enlightenment and vitality. Create a higher knowing and take time to notice things that are hidden. There really is a magickal world wherever you go, you just need to honor and look for it.

~Lisa Curley is a Priestess with The Temple of Witchcraft, Owner and Tarot Reader at Broomstick Magick and a Professional Witch.
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