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the sun 001

I can remember my parents saying this to me as a child. I used to hardly smile and many times I can recall them saying that my face was going to stay that way, permanently indented with a frown. I wonder if it ever occurred to them that I was just…not…happy. Suffering from depression most of my childhood and adult life, I often think back at to what would have made a difference. What would have made me…happy?  Would I have been happy if they had stayed together? Would I have been better if the bully in middle school had just left me alone? Would I be happy if the man that I truly fell in love with had meant “forever” when he said his vows that glorious day so long ago? The answer is NO!

The truth about depression is that other people cannot fix it for ourselves. We often think that we will feel better if someone just loves us, because honestly, it just feels good to have someone love us. It works the same way when we try to compensate for our bad feelings, low self esteem, and blues by spending too much money, eating too much, having an over active sexual life style, etc., etc., the list goes on. And isn’t it funny how we avoid the things that we know will help, like exercise, yoga, eating healthy, spending time with friends, creating. It’s like we are living in a quick fix world.

I have used Vitamin D to help with Depression the last few years and it has helped more than most anti-depressants ever did. Now I am not saying to go off your medication if you are on some. It can help and that should be between you and your doctor, but if you live in the Northeast, especially, than you are deprived of Sun for a good part of the year and the Sun is the way that we receive the most Vitamin D. You can ask your doctor to do a blood test to see what your levels are and they can tell you what dosage you should start with. It could make a world of difference.

I bring all of this up as I have not been depressed in quite some time but as for today I find myself in quite the funk. No motivation, feeling kind of sick, and just down. Searching for the answers as how to remove this energy and help myself to feel better, I reach for my sage stick and cleanse my space and myself, then pull a card from a deck of Tarot.

The Sun** – what a wonderful card to pull on such a day. It suggests wholeness and vitality. Things have been hard but they are coming into play. Just like the Sun grows plants and flowers, it also grows the seeds that we sow and have put into play. Our time is coming. Feel the warmth of the Sun on your face, its refreshing but also breaths life into your spirit. Keep this feeling inside your heart and know that you are working for a brighter tomorrow. Times may seem tough now but they will get better. You’re day is coming.

Meanwhile, treat yourself wonderful. Do a facial or bath in some wonderful healing bath salts (available at http://www.broomstickmagick.com/spell-kits.html) Eat healthy, drink lots of water and show gratitude in everything you do. Relax and remember that sadness will pass and tomorrow is just around the corner. If all else fails, be calm and call for a tarot reading.

~Lisa Curley, Professional Witch & Tarot Reader at Broomstick Magick, lcurley@broomstickmagick.com, http://www.broomstickmagick.com

** The Sun card is from The Faerie Tarot by Nathalie Hertz and is available for purchase at http://www.broomstickmagick.com/tarot—oracle.html