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Prosperity comes in many forms, be careful not to be blinded as to receive it only in the form of green paper, you may be missing more than you know.
~Lisa Curley

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Sometimes it seems like we are in a rut. Nothing is going right, everything is wrong. We struggle to find bus fare, find enough change for that cup of coffee as we stumble through the day. Bills pile up, debt collectors are constantly blowing up our phone as we wonder, “How did they get our number anyways?” We feel like victims and wonder when our ship will come in. Well, I am here to tell you it will come in as soon as you decide to “man” the sail. Get behind the wheel and bring it into shore, your shore.

Sounds silly, but the thoughts that we worry about, such as money and finances, keep us from getting those exact things. For instance if we say “I NEED money to pay for my cable bill.” You are telling the universe that you want to want to need the money, it does not imply that you’d like the bill to be marked paid.

Try making a simply statement such as: “Prosperity, Come to Me, So Mote it Be!” send it out and let it go and the most important thing is not to dwell any longer on it. Know that it is in the works. To enhance this, you could light a green candle before the waning moon and say the same intention.

Citrine is a great crystal to carry to bring prosperity into your life. Carry it in you pocket on all your endeavors.


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