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Yesterday, I walked around town and visited a few major shopping areas where I live. As I wandered around, I would glance at strangers, hoping for a familiar face. My heart started to gasp in sadness as I wondered as to where my friends had all gone. Earlier this week, I had returned from Templefest 2014. A festival filled with laughter, tears, magickal and fun times. When I walked around there, I recognized so many people, and the strangers were friends almost instantly. I suddenly sensed the difference between the magickal path that I walk and the middle world that I came back to.

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How can I bring this magickal world more into my life here where I live? I have given this some thought. First I think that it important to create magickal space. We can do this by respecting ourselves, our bodies more and Mother Earth. I vow to look for foods that will nourish my spirit, making healthy choices and cutting out sugars, caffeine and fatty foods. I believe that honoring the food we eat is as important, thanking it for its sacrifice in order to promote our life and blessing it before we eat. As we take in this wonderful food, it is also important to remember that Mother Earth is providing such gifts and we need to be good and respectful to her as well. Pick up litter as we walk around town, recycle and acknowledge trees, flowers and animals that cross our path. They all have a meaning for us and create a magickal world wherever we may be.

The Sun represents enlightenment and vitality. Create a higher knowing and take time to notice things that are hidden. There really is a magickal world wherever you go, you just need to honor and look for it.

~Lisa Curley is a Priestess with The Temple of Witchcraft, Owner and Tarot Reader at Broomstick Magick and a Professional Witch.
You can reach her at lcurley@broomstickmagick.com

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