With Mother Nature laying her deep, thick blanket of snow upon our fields, houses, sidewalks and driveways, the anticipated spring months seemed to take forever. Brown tinged earth, awakens by peeking green buds and delicate, fragrant blossoms. At this time, it is good to reflect upon the past months of sleep and darkness and to figure out what we have lost, what does not serve us any longer and what we have simply out grown. It is also a time to awaken our dreams and inspirations. A time to color the upcoming newness with a vibrant palette. When I pulled cards for this blog, the ones that I pulled not only reflected these statements but also my own life and thoughts at the moment.

cards of the day 4.30

From the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, I pulled the eight of cups. In one sense this card reminds me of a traveling gypsy. Once things get to be too much or they start to feel to many emotions, they run, on to the next adventure. The other way of looking at this card though, and coincides well with this time of year, is that we get stagnant. In other words, things are going along very well, we take that in as excitement and adventure grow but at some point things start to slow down. It is almost like getting bored, or antsy. You feel like you have outgrown the situation and need to move on but use caution my friend, because you see those cups that are stacked right behind you? It may seem like all your cups are stacked neatly in a row and you have done all you can do here and need to move on but did you not notice that there is one cup that appears to be missing if you are looking for a neat little line up? I suggest you take another look around and see if there is something else that needs to be worked on, that uncomfortable inner piece of staying still a moment longer to make sure you have all the facts, all the growth that you really do need before moving on to a deeper adventure.

The second card comes from a beautiful little deck called “Magical Times”. A deck used to offer empowerment, the card that was pulled worked well with the eight of cups. “Flexibility” tells us that when the storms of life come, to bend with them inside of breaking or simply running. It also warns us to not get caught up with the things that you cannot change but to focus on what you can do and flowing with the energy. Do not be afraid because the winds of positive change are on your side. So stay a bit longer and see what comes as something is surely around the corner that will help you to find that deeper meaning for your greatness, trust and go with it.

Remember that spring is a time for fun, a time to play. Be flexible and give yourself permission just to enjoy the moment and not worry about what you cannot control. 

~Alura Rose is a Professional Transformational Tarot Reader who empowers her clients to embrace all of life’s struggles and joys. She is a Priestess with The Temple of Witchcraft and owns her own business, selling goddess inspired crafts, spells and tools. You may also purchase either of the decks used in this reading by emailing her at alura@broomstickmagick.com



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